Water Park Grand Opening

The Kamloops Rube Band had the honour of entertaining children and adults alike at the grand opening of the new water park at Riverside Park in Kamloops on May 20th. No, we didn’t play in the water. We left that for the kids who had a blast. Truth be told, I’m not sure they heard us much over their squeals and screams of delight. Hey, this was all about the kids, but we like to think the adults appreciated a little musical frivolity. A big thank you to the city of Kamloops for inviting us and for their continued support as your musical ambassadors.

While the music was awesome, the star of the show was the opening of the water park…not that it happened quite the way it was supposed to. It seems one or more of the kids figured out how to turn the water on before the speeches. Can’t really blame them. Imagine being an twelve year old with the option of listening to speeches or playing in the water. Ha! A little program improvisation stole the show. Honest, it wasn’t a Rube member…not that I would put any of us above such things, but we try to keep the improvisation to the music…and costumes…and…okay, just about everything.

Thank you to Heather C for passing on the video