Our History

The Rube band goes way back…farther than that. Try 1949 when a group of teens came up with a zany idea to bring people into a blood donor clinic by marching down the street in crazy costumes while playing music. The rest is history, as they say.

The Rube Band has traveled the world, entertaining crowds wherever they go, from World Fairs to Mardi Gras. What began as a marching band morphed into a stage act in the sixties. From marches to satire, the band has brought smiles and laughter to young and old alike.

On occasion, the Rube Band has cleaned up their act and put on more formal attire. They continue to be a regular participant at the Kamloops Remembrance Day ceremony. They even performed in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, in a parade commemorating the country’s liberation in 1945.