The City of Kamloops Rube Band is a registered non-profit society in the Province of British Columbia comprised solely of volunteer musicians.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the video below is priceless…or a lot of words

The Kamloops Rube Band has entertained audiences all over the world with their unique variety of jazz, Dixieland, ethnic, and even the occasional classical musical number. Their colourful costumes and comical antics on parade and on stage delight audiences wherever they go. A musical group unlike any other, the Kamloops Rube Band continues to entertain young and old with zany antics and upbeat music. But don’t let the antics fool you; the musicians are a talented crew of men and women. They clean up when the occasion demands. The band has been regular at remembrance day ceremonies, honouring our vets at the legions, and celebrating our country by playing the national anthem at sporting events.

Fun through music for everyone, that’s what it’s all about!

A word from our audiences!

“Had a great time at @CityofStJohns City Hall meeting the @cityofKamloops Rube Band who dropped by for a visit and played a few tunes before heading home tomorrow. Thans for visiting our City; glad you enjoyed your visit!!!!”

Twitter June 25, 2019 – Mayor Danny Breen

“I picked the best dinner music – the Kamloops Rube band”

Twitter August 26, 2018 – G. Gliddon

“@RoyalHwnCtr they are so much fun! Great music and very entertaining #worldfamous #kamloops Rube Band”

Twitter September 23, 2014 – get on Gab

Kamloops Rube Band