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Mazatlan Mexico

The RUBE BAND in mexico, could it get any better?  A place where the cervesa runs non stop, all the food you can eat, music and good friends.  Where else can you barter a cab down to twenty Peso to have him drive you 100 feet down the road..
The first day started out with a bit of a practice at one of the local RV parks.  This was a good chance to see if the horns made the trip down ok  After all the bugs were worked out, we were off to the first performance.  As fate would have it the band was early,  (rarely happens) so our two new friends, Jessica and Diego  took us on an impromptu tour of old Mazatlan.  The performance turned out to be a warm up for the coronation of the queen of Mazatlan.
The second day was parade day.  Lots of music, people, cervesa and confetti.  The parade started around 5pm and lasted until at least 9pm.  It was about 6 Km long, with lots and lots of people all along the route.
Day three was yet another coronation.  This time it was for the child queen and the band performed in the middle of the show on national television.
On day four we were on parade once again.  This parade takes the same route just in the opposite direction and a bit longer.  It was a bit earlier and seamed more for the families.
A great deal is to be said about the friendly people of Mazatlan, especially Jessica and Diego. Their good nature and patience made this trip, one that the band will remember for quite a long time.

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